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Machining & Pipe Cutting

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Scope Engineering Provides Workshop & Onsite Machining Australia Wide

Scope Engineering provides specialised in-house and onsite machining solutions via qualified technicians to support various global OEMs. Scope Engineering delivers specialised services for both sales and rental products. Backed by Roberts Machining Solutions, Scope Engineering provides a highly responsive service to the complex needs of Glacier product users in Australia and the local region.

Pipeline Services
  • Pipe cutting & bevelling, internal / external transitioning, buckle arrestor machining, pipe coating removal, field joint preparation
  • Using equipment up to 84 inch diameter
  • ID Mounted Pipe Facing/Bevelling Machines (1/2” ID to 30” OD), Spey 65-250mm Tube End Prepping Machine, Clyde - Subsea/Heavy Duty Machines (6” OD to 80” OD), LC Clyde – Compact, Lightweight Machines (2.5” OD to 42” OD), LLC - Lightweight, tight access (2” OD to 18” OD)
Flange Facing Services
  • Raised face flanges, RTJ flanges, specialist OEM connector machining (e.g. hub connectors, SPO and compact flanges), crane pedestals, wind turbine bases
  • Capability to machine flanges up to 4.5m diameter
Exchanger Machining
  • Exchanger shell machining, channels, front face / back face of tube-sheet, including the milling of division slots
Other Machining Services
  • Turning, milling, grinding, drilling and boring operations. Our machining services are complemented with our in-house design engineering and welding capability
Equipment Rental
  • Pipe cutting machines up to 84 inch diameter (see spec sheets)